Brand Marketing, copywriting and other word-related stuff

So when the brochures and the packaging and the straplines are all finished for the day, I write lots of other things, just because it’s fun.  Mostly I write TV blogs for The Guardian (light entertainmment and reality TV being particularly areas of expertise), although occasionally I dip my toe into other areas like food and politics, especially when a certain kind of quirky humour is required.  You can see all my Guardian blogs here, or click on the headings opposite for a few highlights. 

If you need an article, review, blog or podcast written about TV, entertainment or popular culture and want a certain kind of tongue-in-cheek wit, do get in touch.  I’d also love to be your company's voice on Twitter or Facebook, so ask me about that too.

I’ve also done lots of radio, TV and voiceover work in my time, so can be dragged out from behind my laptop if required – I won’t frighten small children, promise.